• Robo Investing For Financial Advisors
    As a Wealth Manager the process of constructing model portfolios for your investors can be both
    expensive and time consuming, so why not sign up for Twenty20's Fixed Fee DFM Service?
  • Intelligent Asset Allocation
    See which asset classes rank the highest as applied by statistical forecasting techniques to the
    most recent macro-economic and market data to score each ETF on a quantitative basis
  • The Digital Revolution Continues
    Twenty20 believes in the power of Evidence-Based Investing
    With technology at our disposal, why would we do it any other way?

Helping Advisors Streamline Their Investment Process

Putting the Investor First

The transparency of ETFs helps develop trust and ensures more investors know which assets are in their portfolios.

As an Advisor, leveraging the trusted ETF brands from the likes of iShares, Vanguard, Lyxor, db x-Trackers, SPDR, Amundi, UBS, Wisdom Tree, ETF Securities, HSBC, PowerShares, Source, Ossiam, First Trust ... makes sense.

Leverage Rules-Based Investing

At Twenty20, when constructing model portfolios, we favour a rules-based approach where the investment decisions are based on market data and macro-economic indicators.

Minimizing one's behavioural biases is the best way to remove the emotion from the process of investment decisions.

Empowering Your Business

Are you looking to modernise your business or seeking for new ways to take it to the next level? Equally you might simply be looking to free up more time to spend with your clients.

For those Financial Advisors looking to sell their business, automating the investment process is a great way to make it more attractive to potential buyers

As a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager let Twenty20 take the strain by subscribing to our Fixed Fee Algo Discretionary Fund Management Service

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