• Outsource Your Investment Process
    ETF Model Portfolios offer a great way to implement cost effective
    globally diversified multi-asset solutions for your clients.
  • Evidence Based Investing
    In a world with an abundance of data, Twenty20's ETF Strategies
    adjust to changes in the world economy.

Twenty20's Systematic Investment Process

ETF Selection

With over 1,200 ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange, keeping abreast of all of those investment opportunities is a full time activity.

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Adapative Asset Allocation

Don't settle for a solution where the dicretionary fund manager constructs the portfolio then leaves it unattended for 6 months.

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Target Risk Portfolios

Confidently match your end investor's risk appetite and capacity for loss with our risk targeted ETF model portfolios.

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Be Empowered

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Twenty20 offers a suite of risk rated investment solutions on many of the major platforms, including Transact, Nucleus & Standard Life's WRAP.

Using our tools we are here to empower your business and get your dicretionary fund management service up and running in no time at all.

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Best ETF Investor Nominee 2015

Earlier in the year Twenty20 Investments was honoured being nominated as a finalist for the award of Best ETF Investor - Europe, by the web site ETF.com.

iShares Connect Partner

Twenty20 Investments is pleased to announce that it is a member of BlackRock's iShares Connect Programme.

Need help in selecting and using ETFs in your portfolio?

ETF Search Made Simple

  • Simple to use ETF search engine
  • Uses an in-house tagging system
  • Current scope includes over 1,200 ETFs listed on the LSE
  • Quick links to product factsheets
  • User friendly classification scheme
  • ETF Analytics calculated in real time

ETF Model Portfolio Case Studies

  • Explore many examples of ETF Model Portfolios in action
  • Study the performance over a range of economic regimes
  • Simulations include trading costs and ETF total expense ratios
  • Our in-house backtesting platform produces user friendly output
  • Study the performance of Matt Hougan's cheapest ETF portfolio

The transparency that ETFs bring to the table affords the best opportunity to empower you, the financial adviser, and provide your clients with the market insights that they need.