• As an Advisor, are you missing out?
    As the ETF revolution continues apace, fund costs are under pressure
    and the opportunity to construct low cost investment solutions is increasing
  • Keeping Abreast of New Releases
    With so many new ETF launches and the proliferation of Smart Beta products, relying
    on others to do the heavy lifting will free up your time to grow your business.
  • The Digital Revolution
    Twenty20 believes in the power of Evidence Based Investing
    With technology at our disposal, why would we do it any other way?
  • Socially Responsible Investing
    SRI based portfolios now account for more than $6 trillion in assets in the US
    Meet the demand from your clients by offering SRI Model Portfolios

Helping Financial Advisors Fill The Advice Gap

Leverage The Power of Bionic Advice

Like it or not the concept of the Robo Advisor is here to stay, but as an advisor you can compete by applying the personal touch when it matters.

To do this you need to free up more time to spend with your clients. At Twenty20 our mission is to empower you to do precisely that and to help you grow your business.

Putting The Investor First

At Twenty20 we believe in putting the investor first and are advocates of using low cost ETFs as the foundation from which to build investment solutions.

We believe that many potential clients that might otherwise fall into the Advice Gap are best served by eliminating unecessary fees and accessing them using the latest tools and technology. Our aim is to help you achieve that goal.

Trusted ETF Brands

The tansparency of ETFs helps develop trust and ensures more investors know which assets are in their portfolios.

As an Advisor, leveraging the trusted ETF brands from the likes of iShares, Vanguard, Lyxor, db x-Trackers, SPDR, Amundi, UBS, Wisdom Tree, ETF Securities, HSBC, PowerShares, Source, Ossiam, First Trust ... makes sense.

Building ETF Model Portfolios The Smart Way

ETF Selection

With over 1,200 ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange, keeping abreast of all of those investment opportunities is a full time activity.

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Adapative Asset Allocation

Don't settle for a solution where the dicretionary fund manager constructs the portfolio then leaves it unattended for 6 months.

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Target Risk Portfolios

Confidently match your end investor's risk appetite and capacity for loss with our risk targeted ETF model portfolios.

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