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Are you fully unlocking the potential

of your fee based advice service?

At Twenty20 we recognize the unprecedented levels of regulatory and technological changes your business is facing.

Our mission is to help you leverage the tools and platforms today's marketplace offers and help you grow your business.
Reduce costs and pass on these

benefits to your end investors

Freeing up more time for you to focus on your clients is a sure fire way to enhance your firm's financial planning offering, and sometimes business decisions can be as simple as that.

A good place to start is streamlining your investment process and translating that into cost savings for your end investors.
It's time to sign up to Twenty20's

low cost ETF portfolio service

As the process of fund selection becomes ever more time consuming, there has never been a better time to outsource and centralize the investment management role.

Our job is to monitor these investments on a 24/7 basis providing a solution that allows you to have as little or as much interaction with the investment management process as you see fit.

How does it work

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1. Map your client's risk appetite 2. Choose your WRAP platform 3. More time, more clients.
Having identified your client's investment risk appetite map this to one of our low cost ETF portfolios.
We offer our standard or bespoke investment portfolios on a number of WRAP platforms where you can oversee your client's investment.
Let Twenty20 take the strain as we will montitor the investments on a daily basis and adjust the asset allocation as the macro-economy changes.
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