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27. November 2013 11:30
by Allan

Would you like to help Twenty20 Investments push down the walls of investment management?

27. November 2013 11:30 by Allan | 0 Comments

At Twenty20 Investments we are one of the first fund managers to offer a balanced multi-asset fund as a pension fund solution in an eSIPP wrapper constructed entirely using ETFs. Currently we are on the Praemium platform but are now looking to branch out to other platforms, in particular Transact and other similar ETF friendly platforms.

To do this we are looking to work with a small handful of financial advisers and financial planners who are happy to act as a sponsor for our range of model portfolios. Investment management is full of chicken and egg conundrums; such as your names not on the door and you are not coming in!

As a firm with impeccable credentials but still fairly new to this space we welcome the support of those financial advisers and planners that see every reason to take advantage of the low fees and full transparency that ETF portfolios bring to the table. If you would like to work with us and join those advisers who are helping us push down the walls that hold back the industry please drop me a line at my LinkedIn email address.

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